Hard Water, Lake Norman, NC

One easy way to eliminate hard water at your Lake Norman home is to have an experienced plumber install a water softener.

Hard Water in Lake Norman, NC
Hard water has higher levels of minerals, which form when water filters through deposits of chalk and limestone. These minerals are mainly made of magnesium and calcium carbonates. While drinking and using hard water in the home might come with some negative health effects, the real concern is in an industrial setting. Hard water in this setting can lead to severe damage of equipment, such as cooling towers, boilers, and other items that have water flowing through them. If you have hard water at your home, you may notice that it doesn’t form suds as well when you’re trying to wash dishes. Limescale might also start forming in your water heater or kettle, or you could see deposits left behind on faucets. Some people also notice that their skin feels dry, flaky and itchy after bathing in hard water.

One easy way to eliminate hard water at your Lake Norman, North Carolina home is to have an experienced plumber install a water softener.  Water softeners contain mineral tanks that aid in separating the problematic minerals from the water before it flows through the faucets in your home. Without a water softener, you may find that you’re using more soap, laundry detergent, and shampoo to get your clothes and body clean. Instead of wasting expensive supplies, call our team at Ultimate Plumbing to discuss options to get rid of the hard water. We have extensive experience with installation and maintenance of water softeners and will be happy to assist with installing or repairing one at your home.

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